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I have worked as an editor and colorgrader on a variety of projects this year, ranging from music videos, animation, PR, SoMe videos and short films. Here is a selection from different projects:

SoMe videos / Commercials

These are mostly basic editing and colorgrading with some minor After Effects work. Each video would take somewhere between 3-8 hours depending on the quality of the material.

Music Videos

These are basic editing and colorgrading with some heavy After Effects work. These would take somewhere around 3-4 days to finish.


Animation is quite different from editing, and the projects listed below took beetween 1 day and 6 months to finish. The "Julian's Ladder" teaser is my directorial debut as an animation filmdirector. It has been selected for a couple of film festivals and will soon be online in full length.


I worked on a couple of short films in 2018, two of which are released in full online. Fiction film editing is something I am very passionate about, but far away from mastering. It is a very delicate art and I hope to work on more projects like these in the future and get better at the craft. The short films below were filmed as the actors improvised around certain themes and characters, making the editing quite challenging.

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